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Rome Roofing covers everything from new to repairs and maintenance.

New Roofing: A new roof not only adds to a building’s aesthetics and functionality but forms a significant part of your investment.It therefore requires an experienced installer. Rome Roofing installs roofing for new housing and commercial developments, private houses, building extensions, factories and commercial buildings.

Re-roofing: Re-roofing involves striping of the existing roof cover (sheeting or tiling) and the fitting of a new roof cover over new or existing purlins and battens. Our re-roofing division specialises in the replacement of existing roof covering and the substitution with new improved material, safely and without delay.

Roof Repairs: Your roof is exposed to an onslaught of sun, wind and rain on a constant basis, and is therefore susceptible to damage. Roof care is equally as important as other maintenance for your building, and overlooking smaller repairs could lead to costly repairs or even roof replacement in the long run. Periodical roof inspection can extend the life of your roof. Broken tiles, surface bubbles, missing shingles or perished waterproofing need the attention of a professional roofing company. Rome Roofing undertakes all roofing repairs regardless of size.

Carpentry: Roof trusses are pre-assembled wooden frames that support the roof deck and serves as the crowning skeleton of your structure. They add an artistic touch of style and sophistication to your development, but choosing a roof truss requires careful consideration and expert knowledge. Rome Roofing offers a complete supply and fit solution for all timber trusses.

Maintenance: Preventative maintenance is the best way to attain maximum performance and durability from your existing roof. Having a scheduled maintenance plan in place to inspect the condition of your roof and prevent costly repairs is essential, and so periodic visual inspections and repairs performed correctly can significantly extend the service life of any roofing structure. Our maintenance division caters for all market divisions from managing agents on complexes and commercial properties to residential and commercial properties. This division is available 7 days a week for any roofing or waterproofing emergencies.

Asbestos Removal: Rome Roofing is a registered asbestos contractor with the department of labour. RAC/OHH-C1063/2022 . We will remove and dispose. 

Roof Inspections & Reports: We are equipped and carry out roof inspections and issue reports on your roof. 

Preventative maintenance is the best way to attain maximum performance & durability from your existing roof. 

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Rome Roofing covers everything from new to repairs and maintenance.


Not only do we repair spalling concrete we are also professional paint contractors. 


We service our clients with all their requirements, from decks and chimneys to wet rooms and retaining walls.

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